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Paragliding Courses

Our Paragliding courses take students from zero experience to a safe and confident pilot, who's able to make their own decisions about flying. We pride ourselves on offering one on one or one on two instruction. Some students are comfortable with a quick progression and others move along slower, all good. We have learned that over the long term, students that progress more slowly will actually enjoy the process more. That said, our P2 course averages about 7 days. In the end, our students consistently exceed the USHPA minimum requirements and have a great time doing so. Graduates typically dominate the scene with their skills and experience. Our P2 course is hard to beat. We have all the necessary training tools and equipment for beginners to learn safely. The most important thing to know about this course is that it is unlimited! That means you can return to the Oregon Coast, Columbia River Gorge, Soldier Mtn, Hawaii or any other place that we happen to be flying and training; and be welcomed like family. Years from now when students want to become advanced pilots (and have the rating that goes along with it) we are here to help you along. All that we ask, is that you be firmly dedicated to becoming the best pilot that they can be. Our students graduate with excellent skills, solid experience and their own equipment. The days will start early; the lessons are somewhat taxing both mentally and physically. Students look forward to ground school and classroom sessions during the mid-day and then an evening lesson that goes until sunset. In general, students purchase their own equipment by the fifth day or the twentieth flight. We are experts at finding the best possible equipment for our students.

USHPA P2: Novice Pilot

For pilots with little OR no experience (existing P1 welcome, click HERE for accelerated course details).

Course Overview:
-Wind Speed: Maximum 12mph
-Minimum Flights: 25
-Minimum Days: 5
-Gear familiarity, terrain and weather basics
-Includes Paragliding Reference Material

Skills Developed:
-Pre-Flight set up and gear check sequence
-Inflating, ground handling and wagga
-Successful launches (forward and reverse)
-Perform In-Flight canopy control
-Successful landings with accuracy
-Emergency techniques and maneuvers

For a complete checklist of Freeboern Air Sports / USHPA P2 requirements and recommended limitations, please review the standards we set HERE.

Be prepared to purchase equipment so you can stay current.

USHPA Intermediate & Advanced Pilots

In this course we will fine tune existing skills, develop new advanced skills and progress with a focus on safety.

Course Overview:
-P3 20hrs min. / P4 75hrs min.
-Knowledge of FAA Regulations
-Wind Speed: 15mph for P3
-Minimum Flights: P3- 90, P4- 250
-Minimum Days: P3- 30, P4- 80

Skills Developed:
-Precision ground handling, wagga
-High wind, cross wind launch techniques
-In-Flight canopy control
-Accuracy, swooping and sidehill landings
-Safety and rescue considerations

For a complete checklist of Freeboern Air Sports / USHPA P3/P4 requirements and recommended limitations, please review the standards we set HERE.

Minimum of 1 day of observation is required.


Freeboern students graduate with a worldwide recognizable USHPA Pilot Certification, ground handling skills that put other school's students to shame, solid piloting experience and the very best deals on freeflight equipment (for life). If you are thinking about signing up, you can look forward to a lot of hard work and accelerated learning: early mornings, ground school/classroom sessions during the mid-day, and evening lessons that go until sunset. Minimum half-down deposit is required prior to your arrival. We pride ourselves in being experts at finding the best possible equipment to match each of our students' size, shape, individual flying style and their goals.

Rain Check: Understand all fly days are dependent on the weather. We will do everything possible to get you into the air, weather providing.

Ask about our video feedback to help you improve your skills! 


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