USHPA Certified Advanced Paragliding & MiniWing Instructors here to help you through your progression.  We are your #1 resource for entry level instruction, advanced training, equipment knowledge and sales.

Whatever you can dream up, if it involves nylon and an air bath, we're so in! Freeboern Air Sports is mostly known for Speedflying and Speedriding Training, but you can count on us for Paragliding as well. We have a very in-depth program and have a reputation for manifesting very talented pilots. We represent, as exclusive importers, some of the best equipment for all aspects of our flying sports. In addition to paragliding and speedflying, we also enjoy PPG, Towing, Tandems, BASE, Skydiving and Wingsuit!

Freeboern Air Sports is committed to providing information and discounts on the latest innovative products that bring a higher level of safety and fun to freeflight.

Our team of highly experienced. safety conscious maniacs are on standby- ready to provide a choreographed show or demonstration at your event. Please let us know if you would like to hire a professional canopy pilot to provide your guests with an unforgettable experience at your next event! There's something going on every season at Freeboern, for a full schedule head to the website and check our calendar:

You can always count on these annual events:

-Winter Speedriding Training @ Soldier Mtn, ID

-Springbreak AK Speedriding Tour & Training

-Summer Beach Waga Training @ Kiwanda, OR

-Fall Speedflying & PG NW Tour @ PNW, USA

We love to work with non-profits, kids of all ages, special needs, spinal cord injury individuals and eldery. To see if we would be a good fit, please contact us:

Feel free to share your pictures on our page and definitely invite ALL your friends so we can spread the love!