MiniWing FAQ

Are MiniWings dangerous?

Not any more dangerous than Paragliding or as paraglider pilots say “it’s more dangerous to drive your car to work”. Sure, the air speed is a little higher but if you fly in the right conditions, this is a non-issue. You will load the glider more than a traditional paraglider, thus making it less susceptible to deflation. If you have the right training, higher windspeeds can be a MiniWing pilot’s dream!


Is the transition from Paraglider to MiniWing difficult?

Not at all. You have the basic skills, so come out for a day or two and we will help find the perfect MiniWing for your style. You will leave feeling confident and very happy with your new-found knowledge of freeflight.


What is the best way to learn how to be proficient with a MiniWing?

Come join us, or one of our many partners in the western US. We take pride in developing essential skills for new MiniWing pilots.


Where can MiniWings be flown?

Pretty much anywhere a normal size Paraglider or even a small Speedwing can be flown. Obviously, the conditions must fit the bill but most new age MiniWings get a phenomenal glide. Ridge soaring a MiniWing is always a blast, these wings can even be flown in thermal conditions with the right site, conditions and training.

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